Soutaiseiriron, which means that ‘Theory out-of Relativity’, was, theoretically, a somewhat promising band

Soutaiseiriron, which means that ‘Theory out-of Relativity’, was, theoretically, a somewhat promising band

The Faceless Soutaiseiriron

It appear to be declining to disclose anything throughout the on their own. Discover almost no photographs of quartet anywhere (really. much more about one to within the a second). In reality, they make they clear needed its visualize hidden-on every page of their web site was a note proclaiming that photographing on the programs is prohibited. Which is regular from the biggest-identity ring gigs, however, You will find never seen a band becoming some so determined regarding it toward a web page. The fresh new biography on their site are sketchy, offering merely a short manage-off of their dos ? 12 months community. Plus the Video game Hi-Fi Anatomia will not supply any further information both. Also, they will not manage interview.


This means, you can not get any information regarding it band except that regarding the sounds. It’s such as for instance they wish to function as Thomas Pynchon or Salinger away from J-pop music. It is one also you’ll be able to? Is also a rock band succeed rather than publicizing their image or personalities after all?

I’ve little idea what’s trailing it secrecy. Do they simply not like to stay people gaze? Otherwise are there personal good reason why they can’t get noticed? I really hope it is not a world sales gimmick resolved due to their executives, for the reason that it will be eminently lame.

To be honest, they are doing carry out alive on occasion, so that they are not remaining themselves totally hidden. I understand, even though, your girls artist really stands motionless on-stage during the entire let you know, and only actions so you can bend right down to score the lady package from drinking water. Phew. pleased I found one to call at advance, if you don’t We might’ve ended up battling with a beneficial ‘performance’.

All of this was unusual while the Soutaiseiriron’s musical Is useful, the majority of people I’m sure are getting to the him or her, being more imminent about their image seems become a beneficial topic yet within community. Indeed, Hi-Fi Anatomia , its basic album, is full of catchy, if average-category of pop music audio, but several things assist them to get noticed: the female singer’s singing layout and their whacky words.

A great Japanese commentator I understand put it better when he discussed the newest vocal layout since the ‘low blood pressure levels J-pop’-generally this new vocalist music laid-straight back, instance this woman is perhaps not trying too hard, but meanwhile it’s an unusually coquettish sound, quietly psychological and pleasantly songs.

After which there are the fresh new lyrics-it’s such as for example all sorts of otaku splashed the ambitions and daydreams up against the sounds sheet sets. “Jigoku Sensei” try an effective Japanese schoolgirl (Nabokov’s) Lolita facts into the pop track style; “Fushigi Descartes” is due to supernatural phenomena, to the main line saying, “Even in the event you’re a great ghost which is Okay beside me/ When you find yourself good ghost that might be better yet/ Basically was indeed a beneficial ghost wouldn’t you to definitely be ok with your?”; the new track “Shikaku Kakumei (Rectangular Wave)” refers to a person in the 25th century running from the Time-Room Police and conference a lady in the 22nd 100 years; “Renaissance” is approximately, um, mathematics.

What exactly is uncommon is the fact that the only one photos I came across out of so it ring is in the English a portion of the sites, although a google image search really does turn-up links to help you a few Japanese internet, when you make an effort to open those individuals photos they’ve been most of the removed. Do that mean the net-experts had been expected for taking them off? I’m interested what happens if i publish this one recognized image of her or him on this website, and thus I have borrowed one photo out-of various other web page, and will reveal if you have people effect.


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