They (Zachary and Katelyn) beginning to speak about drawings on walls and you can and work out fun away from them

They (Zachary and Katelyn) beginning to speak about drawings on walls and you can and work out fun away from them

Zachary tells her to locate this lady butt right up having university bus however, Katelyn says to your that is the girl dated coach, having Cedartown Middle school. She you should never walk to Rockmart since it is past an acceptable limit because of the foot. Zachary claims he will initiate waking her up and the woman is open to they.

Says this woman is soft and you will turns out a great snowman (again). Claims AJ is the only man she’ll actually ever have confidence in the woman lifestyle. Abbi initiate playing with cell phone.

I am not saying one hundred% sure who’s got Bobby and you will who is Zach (voice-wise) during this stream however, i do believe i may obtain it correct.

Enjoys your really

Luke enters so it speak. Calls him Luke and Lukey pookie (nearly claims dookie unintentionally lol). She still seems unsure regarding their condition of being together nonetheless. The girl decisions when reaching him is really slightly other.

Phone is undetectable. Tammy smacks AJ on butt hard a few times getting turning off the brand new white and saying « reach they once more and you may i will split your fuckin hand ».

Lady (maybe Taylor) is attempting so you can encourage AJ towards cleaning the bedroom and you may which have positive support such it’s a game title to tackle.

She might still become troubled with Luke a small due to the fact she provides the camera a look and never really speaking with Luke just like this lady has in the past.

Katelyn: (giggles) « I am not sure the reason why you query that cause you are sure that you commonly. (she says things with each other men and women contours) » Claims another thing so you can Luke: « When you are . Luke . I don’t have any idea as to why you will do this »

She likes him a lot of

Katelyn covers mobile phone. Bobby discussions sweet to Katelyn and you can says that one thing is actually hazardous, particularly a fire threat, possibly the cell phone battery charger? Bobby states the guy considered damaging to being required to spank AJ. He states « one to sucks. » The guy doesn’t want AJ to believe they are mean. Bobby says whenever she are more youthful he’d merely imagine so you can spank this lady by striking their foot. Katelyn obviously becomes as well as Bobby. States he’s going to get ready if the she rinses snacks.

Bobby claims: « Take your phone in right here. durrr.  » Somebody (Zach) states they merely provides five dishes and you can a scoop.

Katelyn places cellular phone of the drain for the remainder of the newest weight. She’s conversations having Bobby. Bobby provides a goofy make fun of.

Katelyn states she won’t/would not have children up to she finished college or university. Katelyn claims she enjoys carrots. Katelyn is actually joking that have Bobby. Katelyn has taken care of Abbi and you may AJ to own four years.

States some thing about moon crickets, speaking of shutting off hip hop sounds towards tv, and no that otherwise knows just what it form. Explains it’s an effective racial epithet.

Abbi repeats moon crickets and says n term, « your a great nigger. » Katelyn becomes distressed in the their claiming they. Abbi is actually contacting some body unappealing and you may continual the newest letter phrase once more.

Katelyn transforms the camera and you may whispers, « oh my personal goodness. i’m gonna slashed/blade (myself/them/em all the?) » Unclear what she lipped/whispered and is a little embarrassed in regards to the racial articles. She brings digital camera serenity signal.

She discovers blade, scissors within the drawer, will not discover flashlight (it’s to the bookshelf AJ says) « there clearly was specific fascinating something right up around. »

She laughs that have Bobby once again regarding purple torch. Says creeping to and you may pretending as cops, to scare someone, is something she’d create.

Katelyn asks in the event that she consumed much when she try younger. Bobby claims she ate brand new items that most children did not for example, such eco-friendly kidney beans and you will collard vegetables. Katelyn said that she appreciated oatmeal whilst still being does, « it’s a. » She however will get also Bobby which is with a evening. Bobby got the device for her that she ways to use the newest avenues (She had the device doing December 5th). She try with the mobile phone limit however, Bobby helped and got the newest a few (Tammy and you may Katelyn) to speak. Bobby desired to rating Katelyn to get Tammy to-name him but his mobile won’t ring or almost any.


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