Shizuku is actually a tiny young woman having brief-layered black colored hair and you will brown eyes

Shizuku is actually a tiny young woman having brief-layered black colored hair and you will brown eyes

This lady has a massive boobs, narrow hips, and you can broad hips, offering the girl an enthusiastic hourglass figure. She wears a black turtleneck and you can pants, accessorized with black colored-presented cups and you will a necklace bearing St. Peter’s Mix, similar to the insignia on the rear off Chrollo’s finish. Shizuku and additionally wears earrings ornamented having a corrected mix which can be constantly included in the woman locks. Above the lady sweater sleeves, she wears a wristband for each hand.

The woman examine tattoo is based on lower leftover out-of the woman midsection, for the no. 8 towards spider’s gut. [5]


Shizuku is really peaceful. She did not emote although proclaiming that according to this lady chance, she’d perish another day. [3] The woman is distinguisheded as aloof, callous, and you can soulless. The girl blunt, cold statements apparently upset people doing the girl and construct resentment. She is forgetful to the stage from small-label memory loss; often she forgets man’s brands otherwise one to she’s got ever before found him or her whatsoever. She can become air-going, which often explanations competitors to undervalue the lady combat overall performance. Shizuku believes on Troupe’s regulations set forth because of the Chrollo and try firmly against members attacking each other. [6]


Little is known regarding Shizuku’s earlier in the day. Particularly numerous members of the fresh new Troupe, she originated in Meteor Area. [7] She replaced the previous user #8 of the Troupe, [8] even the you to definitely slain from the Silva Zoldyck 3 years ahead of the latest incidents from inside the Yorknew. [9] At the some point, she is nearly murdered when you find yourself trying to glance Feitan’s Nen overall performance. [10]

Yorknew Town arc

To the August 31 st , Shizuku and other Phantom Troupe users meet during the an undisclosed location within the Yorknew City. Their chief Chrollo announces that they will bargain every item from the Below ground Market. [8] The very next day, she pickpockets good bystander to participate a conditional market and you will to try and earn a beneficial diamond by the sleeve-wrestling Gon. Even after having fun with the girl poor give, she turns out to be a tough contender. Franklin and you can Feitan avoid her off trying once more, as public auction is about to start. [11] If gates of public auction romantic, she waits regarding hallway to get rid of whoever is able to escape Franklin’s slaughter, quickly destroying Ivlenkov and you can Baise with her conjured vacuum, Blinky, in advance of cleaning all of the outlines of slaughter. [12] The fresh new Spiders make eliminate for the an attractive-air-balloon and you will tell Chrollo the auction points had been already missing. Chrollo orders these to attack new Mafia so you’re able to attract out good selection of effective Nen users known as Shade Monsters. [13]

Just after its balloon try attempt down regarding the Gordeau Desert, they find those Mafia professionals waiting around for him or her, that have Shizuku hoping that she need not cleanup various other massacre. Whenever you are Uvogin slaughters the Mafia people and you may face five Shadow Creatures by himself, the woman is seen credit cards that have Shalnark and you will Machi. [14] She talks about the girl ears in time to prevent becoming deafened of the Uvogin’s shout. Just after Uvogin eliminates the fresh new four Shadow Creatures, she tells him you to she can take away the poison out of their system, however this new leeches, reminding your you to definitely Blinky does not work into the living things. [15]

Before she will take action, however, Uvogin are captured by the Kurapika. Shizuku, Machi, Feitan, Shalnark, and Nobunaga steal an automible provide chase, but they are compelled to ditch it whenever Owl shrinks they together with Fun Enjoyable Content. Depending the rest Shadow Monsters, Shizuku find that chain affiliate is not included in this. [2] New Spiders get rid of the group or take Owl attentive. [4] [16] Then they intercept Dalzollene’s call to discover where Uvogin try becoming kept attentive. [17]


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